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While we are an Energy Efficient Induction Lamp Supplier our goal is to also better inform our customers of the various different projects that our products match up well to. The intention is to provide information to our customers in an attempt to assist the customer with the sale of Energy Efficient Lighting Projects. Our goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge to size up an Induction Retrofit Project with regards to what size lamp and ballast will fit in the fixture, while still providing sufficient lighting. Some applications may require the need to install a new Induction Lighting Fixture altogether.

There are many different applications for Induction Lamp & Ballast Kits as well as new Induction Lighting Fixtures. Some of the most common uses for Induction Lighting are Parking Garages, Parking Lots, Exterior Building Lighting, Gas Station Canopy’s, Landscape Bollards, Auto Dealerships, Exterior Flood Fixtures etc.

The first type of project that can realize huge potential energy savings would be a Parking Garage. Most parking garages use 150 – 175 Watt HPS or Metal Halide. These are great projects to work with because the lights at the facility are usually on 24/7 and the wattage can be dropped in ½. The existing fixtures can usually be retrofitted rather easily and if there is a need for a new fixture all together we can accommodate that as well.

The second type of project that can realize huge potential energy savings would be a Parking Lot. The average parking lot uses anywhere from a 150 – 400 Watt HPS or Metal Halide and these can be easily retrofitted with Induction Lamps. The average Parking Lot is estimated to use approximately 11.75 hours of electricity per evening.

The third type of project that can realize huge potential energy savings would be an Auto Dealership. Auto Dealerships often use 400 and 1000 Watt Metal Halide. This is another great opportunity because the lights are usually on 11.75 hours per evening. The 100 Watt fixtures can usually be retrofitted with a 200 - 300 Watt Induction Lamp. Below we’ve attached some information that may be helpful when determining which Induction Lamp Wattage will replace the existing HPS or Metal Halide.

Some other important factors to consider when presenting these to a medium to large facility would be the fact that Remote Ballast Induction Lamps have 100,000 hours of burn time and Self Ballasted Induction Lamps have 60,000 hours of burn time. The maintenance savings also come into play. For example if you have a Parking Lot that has 100 Pole Lights, there is maintenance that needs to be done when those lights go out. Usually a Bucket Truck and Electrician is needed to replace the Ballast and/or Lamp. The average service call for an Electrician with a bucket truck is $140.00 per hour plus material. The cost of the material that the facility is paying for can vary from $30 - $150 +/- depending on what is currently installed in the Pole Lights. Let’s assume they have someone come out 3 times per year to replace lamps and/or ballasts and the average trip requires replacing just 5 lamps and ballasts and it takes 2 ½ hours. The cost per trip using $140 per hour and $150.00 per fixture @ 5 Fixtures would be $1,100.00 per visit, three times per year and they’ve just spent $3,300.00 per year in maintenance. Once they’ve completed a lighting retrofit they’ve saved at least a minimum of $3,300.00 per year for 5 years, that’s $16,500.00 over the course of 5 years in maintenance savings. We haven’t talked about the Utility Savings either and that is the biggest factor depending on where the project is located and what they are paying for Utility Services.

If you have any questions as to the size of the lamp that may fit in the fixture please feel free to give us a call. We can be reached at 1-800-238-6605.